Dear client, these are the rules that you must respect during your and your pet's stay.

  •                    The priority is the tranquility and comfort of all.

  • PETS CANNOT BE LEFT ALONE IN THE ROOM, they must always go with you, except at breakfast time.

  • All pets must bring their bed.

  • If you need a feeder/drinker or sheet to use as a bed for your pet, ask at the reception.

  • It is forbidden for pets to climb or sleep on the furniture such as the bed or sofa in the room.

  • They CANNOT be alone without their owners in any area of the inn.

  • The owner MANDATORY must pick up his pet's droppings anywhere on the premises of the inn, including the gardens.

  • We have at your disposal bags for excrement.

  • Any damage caused by the pet is the responsibility of its owner.

  • The space and tranquility of the other guests must be respected.

  • The hygiene of the pet is the responsibility of the master in charge. Do not use the towels to clean them.

  • Rooms where pets stay must be cleaned daily by the maid, please do not hang the DO NOT enter sign.

                                        Please be a responsible owner with your pet.

                                       These rules are so that we can all live together.

If they are not respected, the Management is free to suspend the service and charge for the damages caused to the owner(s) of the pet.

             Remember WE DO NOT CHARGE for them so do not give us expenses.

                                        HAPPY STAY